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I have searched the internet at the best of my ability and have come up empty on finding someone who is selling tri channel 1866mhz ram that is on my motherboards(Asus Sabertooth X58) QVL. I am not looking for 6 dimms to equal out to 24gb just 6 sticks @ 1866 mhz at whatver capacity above 8gb. As i was searching for my target i was thinking to myself asking if 3 sets of dual channel memory would have the same effect? Or would there be a performance issue due to the fact that the dimms was not sold as a group and was not tested together to insure performance? Anyone willing to help me with this would be greatly appriciated. I have already decided to get a 500gb SSD but want to get the 1866mhz ram to try and prevent bottlenecking. If any of you guys know of someone selling one of the QVL memories in a set of 6 dimms at the speed i am looking for please do me a favor and hook me up.
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  1. DDR3 is already triple channel supported, it doesn't matter what brand or anything as long as it is DDR3.
  2. so i can get 3 sets ofdual stick kits made by the same brand and there will be not performance issues?
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    If they will all play together - any time you mix sets of DRAM - even identical models of DRAM, it may be problematic. There are no guarantees of mixing packages of DRAM, With X58 and 12 GB or more I'd look to 3x4GB and prob 1600/9 rather than 1866, something like the Snipers

    6 Sticks is going to put more stress on the MC (memory controller) than 3 sticks as will going up to 1866, if you want to go 6 sticks at 1600, might look at the Ripjaws

    if you want 12GB in a 6x2GB set there are the NQs

    but again 6 sticks is additional stress on the MC when 3x4GB would do fine and perform a little better with less voltage adjustments
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