Computer running slow after installing second hard drive (previously used)

Hi guys,

So I build a computer for gaming a while ago, and had some initial problems which I decided to just throw parts at... anyways the result being that I had a working computer, and a spare hard drive (was the first part I replaced, thinking maybe I corrupted the drive... it turned out to be the ram).

anyways, I recently re-installed the second hard drive (the one I originally ran in the computer) for storing media (there are no programs or system files stored in the available partition) and the computer seems to be running much slower.

Here is a link to my full build if it is neccessary.

the sea-gate drive is the drive I originally replaced and have now re-installed.

my question is...
since was a version of windows 7 installed on this hard drive, is it possible that the computer is trying to draw system files from both "system reserved" partitions (1 on each hard drive) and is bogging it down, or is it likely something else? I did format the drive after reinstalling it, however I had no access to the system reserved folder. I suspect it is still there as my other hard drive is showing the exact same amount of total space as my secondary drive (both are 2 terabyte drives).

I have yet to unplug the drive and see if it fixes the problem, as I didnt think to do so before I started backing up the files, but will do so as soon as those files are done transferring.

if this is likely the problem, does anyone know of a good way to get rid of that second instance of "system reserved"? will running boot nuke on that drive wipe out the second partition, or is there a better way? I presently do not have the windows install disk (Im away at college, and I left the disk at home), and most google searches result in a variety of methods involving the install disk.

Thanks all
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    You can open Computer Management just by typing it from Start. Then, go to "Storage"/"Disk Management". There, you can see your installed disks and their partitions. Check if the secondary HDD shows a second "System Reserved" partition. If so, then right-click on it and format or delete the partition. What I recommend you is to delete all the partitions of the secondary drive and creating a whole new volume, to ensure that it is being used a a new clean drive and not causing issues (apart from a possible hardware problem).

    You should be able to do it since it is not the partition being used by the operating system. If the problem is that it is being used and you can't delete it, you will have to boot from a Linux Live CD (like an Ubuntu Live CD) and do it from Linux, or boot from the Windows install disk and delete all partitions before reinstalling Windows in one of the drives.

    Good luck.
  2. it... it worked... that was too easy; something must be wrong.

    Thanks so much, you just saved me hours of pulling my hair out over this.
  3. That's good news! You're welcome.
  4. Hi,
    In my case I have my PC since last year. I had originally 2 harddrive installed, the principal a SSD which has Win 8.1 updated and the other HDD for storage. I backup Steam games on the HDD and suddently my PC slow down like hell on shutdown and boot! What to do? Please help
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