Please critique my first gaming/workstation PC build

I am very new to building my own pc, however I made an attempt to build a ~ $2000 gaming/workstation pc. I am a medium-heavy gamer and I also 3D model quite a bit. Here is the link to my build:
Please give me advice on what to improve. I also have questions regarding whether my choice of RAM is "good" as well as if I should invest in more case fans (and if so what type). Thank you!
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  1. Looks pretty good to me, and the ram is fine. Noctua makes some nice quiet fans, and you don't need to overkill on the fans a few intake and a few exhaust will be fine.

    Also if you don't plan on SLI in the future you could go for a smaller PSU +/- 600W. If you think you might add a second 970 then your PSU is fine
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    Drop the thermal paste. The cooler comes with some.

    PSU is overkill. Get a cheaper 750w unit form Antec, XFX, Seasonic. This is still more than enough for SLI and overclocking.

    You will need a HDD. One 250gb SSD won;t cut it.
  3. ^ Agree, I filled up my 256GB SSD with my OS and a few games.
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