Blue Screen of Death when rendering

I get a BSOD sometimes when rendering with Sony Vegas, i love the program, and would like to continue using it, but this is a really weird bug or a glitch or something, can anyone figure out whats wrong
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  1. Have you updated or changed anything on your system lately? New GPU, New CPU, RAM anything like that?

    Otherwise we will need detailed system specs to help troubleshoot the issue.


    Any recent mods or upgrades as stated before can help too.
  2. Do you know what the STOP Message was? Like 0x0000007F or something of that nature. Or, check Windows Event Viewer, and see what were the leading events to the crash. Information like this will better help disgnose the issue, help to take preventative measures.
  3. Intel Core i7 4790K(Haswell Max tdp 88W) i7 4.00Ghz This I upgraded recently!!!!!
    Gtx 650 (old)
    PSU 500W
    Motherboards Asus maximus VII HERO (NEW) This I upgraded recently
    RAM 8gb
    700 gb free space on my Hdd
    100 free on my ssd
  4. I had similar issues with DAZ and Poser after I upgraded to a Xeon E5-2620 V2, I ended up having to do a fresh install of windows and the blue screens stopped.

    So if you added the CPU and mobo with the same install of Windows, that could cause this issue.
  5. First thing I did was reinstall. When i rendering i use only on 720 p 30 fps option. Maybe I need a water cooler or somthing...?
    though why, I could do rendering on my old i3 3.00 ghz intel CPU? :SIt is very strange...
  6. When I watch my CPU temp on AIDA64 my CPU Core go up to 100C (240F). I have about 7 fans with a fan controller ( R4 chessi)
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    It does sound like a heat issue. Try removing the side of your PC case and get a large box fan to point into it and blow air directly into your case then try some renders while monitoring your temps and see what happens.
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