Which should I go for? I5 with sli gtx 970 or I7 without sli

Ok so I am trying to decide between going with a I5 4690k and gtx 970 sli, Or to put off the sli and go with an I7 4790K I know that I7s don't really do that much better in gaming but I am trying to future resist this build has much has possible. Thanks
If it helps here is the rest of my build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/bpYhTW
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  1. with sli
  2. i7 with SLI then
  3. future proof wise i7 with one 970 (I have the i7 4790 + 970 and it's amazing), 2 cards are only needed for resolutions higher than 1080p and let me say something even one 970 is a beast, I played bf4 upscaled to 4k from 1080p and got 60fps
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