Any good looking small form factor cases for CrossFire?

Hi, at the moment in my rig, I have a full size ATX motherboard with 2x XFX R9 270x graphics cards, a single 3.5" and 2x 2.5" drives, one of them being an SSD, with a 750w Antec Current Gamer power supply, and a single bay device being a fan controller.

I forgot to mention, I have a Noctua NH-C14 as the cooler, which is 130mm in height.

The main question as the title states, is there any decent small form factor cases that will support crossfire? The only thing i'd really want to change would be the motherboard which I know i'll need to for this to work, and of course the case.

Card Dimension (cm) : 25.1 x 11.12 x 3.81

PSU Dimensions (cm) 6 mm (H) x 150 mm (W) x 170 mm (D)

Thanks in advance.
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  1. This one possibly:
    Bitfenix Phenom
    Although i don't know how small it really is, as it's 10 x 13.5 x 15

    As for mobo, Asus Maximus VII Gene is worth a look.
  2. Are there any cheaper motherboards that are decent as far as quality and features? That mobo costs 259$ in Australia :/
  3. I completely forgot to say that it needs to have an AM3+ socket, I've got an AMD FX-8350
  4. No then - there's only one matx am3+ board even capable of running an 8350 & its single GPU slot only.
    Matx boards never took off on the am3+ chipset - there are only about half a dozen boards available & only 2 of those are anywhere near decent.
  5. Okay, thanks, would anyone know which case is the best looking and has decent cable management to keep it clean looking with the given hardware? Probably a mid-atx tower?
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    Thermaltake V31 and Thermaltake V51 might be worth a look, the smaller is 89 AUD, the larger 129 AUD
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