AMD overdrive on AMD Radeon HD 7770 Series

When I click Enable Graphics Overdive on CCC, my monitor just instantly tears and makes everything impossible until I untick it and restart my computer. Any ideas on how to fix? (note it doesnt matter how much i overclock it, it does it when i enable it alone, already tried reinstalling everything)
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  1. You may try a 3rd party application like MSI afterburner
  2. It might not be software. Check to make sure that the mobo and PSU are able to handle any type of OC'ing. Your mobo might just not let you. If you can try out a different OC'ing program like MSI Afterburner or HISturbo. You can use either and never have to mess with the AMD CCC.
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    Sapphire Trixx:

    This is a simpler OC utility that many of the others, but does the job well.
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