BSOD after BIOS update.

I recently updated my BIOS version (yesterday). Today, a BSOD appeared, the first in months. I am almost 100% that the reason for it is the BIOS update, as it didn't work out and had another error just after the update. I was wondering whether there is someway in which I can downgrade my BIOS version? I would really appreciate if you can help me. My laptop is Lenovo Z510. Thank you.
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  1. Was the bios update fully completed, or were there any interruptions?
  2. It was fully completed, but after it, an error started to occur and I couldn't boot into Windows. I had to switch the boot mode from UEFI to Legacy in order to be able to boot into Windows. Now everything is fine, I even re-installed the OS, but apparently the update stayed, as I tried to install an older BIOS update and it says that a newer version is already installed. I am afraid of the BSOD appearing again.
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