is it worth upgrading from phenom to phenom II ??(9950 to 965)

ok here is my specs:

8gb ddr2 800 ram

asus r9 270x top


recently i really feel this cpu bootleneck really annoying and since cant afford to buy a whole new pc i was looking to change my cpu from phenom x4 9950 to a phenom II cpu so my question is is it worth ???

one more question today games still not using all 6 cores of a hexacore cpu??

note1:my current cpu seems like one of "i dont like to be oced ones" cant go over 2.9Ghz..

note2:main reason is bf4 low fps to upgrade cpu....

so in the end phenom II x4 965BE (then oc it to 4 ghz) or a phenom II x6 cpu??
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    None of my Phenom Is could do over 3GHz. It was like night and day when I got my hands on a Phenom II. That said, I wouldn't buy one unless the price is really dirt cheap. That's hard to find sometimes since a lot of people are still clinging to them despite the years.
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