iomega zip drivers for mac?

I have a bunch of zip disks that i do recall password protecting. I still have the drive, which works fine, but of course i have a much new operating system for my mac. Where can I find and download the software that is compatible with os 10.10.1?
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  1. 1. Check on iomega's website, since they're the manufacturer.

    2. Check on apple's website for the driver.

    3. Plug it in, & see if OS X will auto-detect & install the drivers.

    If none of those work, let us know.
  2. no luck with iomega or apple.
  3. Was it auto-recognized by OS X?

    If not, you may be out of luck. The Apple forums seem to indicate that iomega ZIP drive support may have been lost with OS X 10.5 (i.e. they worked on 10.4 systems but stopped working when people upgraded to 10.5). Since that was back in 2008, you may be out of luck.
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