Computer connected to wireless router through an ethernet cable still doesn't have internet access

Hello, I recently have hit a weird issue.

I re-installed Windows 7 on my desktop and it can no longer connect to the internet even if it's directly plugged into the wireless router or the modem. If I try to load up a website or update Windows it doesn't connect to anything. On Internet Explorer it seemingly tries to load a page for a while then just dies and tells me it can't connect. The ethernet cable works on the other desktop in this room and obviously WiFi works with my laptop.

I tried to use Command Prompt to release and renew my IP however that has not work. I know nothing about computers but I fell that I've have had this exact problem before and I did use Command Prompt to fix it. Though I'd like your guys advice.

I'd be very appreciative to any help you can give.
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  1. Try another browser maybe. I assume you've rebooted the router. Go onto your router's settings and see what devices are connected. Try a system refresh.
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    Run Device Manager to be sure that you've got a driver for the Ethernet port on your PC installed. On mine I can hit the Windows Key (or click on the Start Menu and in the search box) type: Device Manager. Or go to Control Panel (display small icons), and click on Device Manager. This brings up Device Manager.

    Inside Device Manager, expand the little triangle to the left of "Network Adapters", and make sure everything looks OK (no yellow triangles or exclamation points or warnings that no driver is installed).

    If that looks good, then next go to Control Panel, then click on "Network and Sharing Center". In this window, on the left-hand side of the window, click on the link "Change Adapter Settings". Find your Ethernet port, right-mouse click on it, then click on Status. Click the Details button and see what IP address you have and what your Gateway IP address is. Report back your findings.
  3. Well this was actually much more simpler than I thought. I did "not" have my motherboard's ethernet driver so just used a USB and installed it and now I can connect to the internet... well I feel a little silly. Anyways thank you for your guy's help.
  4. That's sometimes a problem when re-installing Windows from scratch -- Windows may not have all the hardware drivers for your motherboard's chips, so the next step is usually installing motherboard drivers. You didn't mention that you took that next step, so it seemed like it might be the problem.
  5. Windows 7 didn't have a lot of built in drivers, so most of the time you need to get the drivers separately.

    Windows 8/8/1 did a better job of having generic drivers so you can at least get online after a fresh install.
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