GIGABYTE GA-H81.Amp-UP Blue Screen of Death

Hi. I've been looking through various threads and boards looking to see if this is a known problem. I cannot find anyone else having this. My Amp-Up Mobo apparently started rebooting, stopping the boot and general tom-foolery about a month after the initial build. I'm just finding out from the person who I gave it too several months down the road. Have just updated all the drivers and flashed the BIOS. Have checked with Gigabyte and they seem unaware of an issue. Have swapped out all the parts..RAM, CPU's the Mobo.

Has anyone else had this issue and if so where you able to fix it? If not, it's got a 3 year guarantee. What is a reasonable response from Gigabyte? My concern is they made these very briefly, had other issues with it so it appears Gigabyte abandoned it. Not sure I want another one. Has anyone had them replace a mobo with a different one? Lots of questiosn. Have been fighting this thing for about a month with no progress. Thank you in advance.
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  1. if you are getting a bugcheck you should put the memory .dmp file on a cloud server to be looked at. There are just too many bugcheck codes to guess at which one you have.
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