installing second hard drive and second cd/dvd in dell xps 8700 nothing showing up anywhere

did get a new dell xps 8700 which came with 1tb hd ,cd/dvd player and did have extra hard drive and cd/dvd player to install right now on the sata port 0 cd rom shows up and operating system is on port 1 there is also ports 2,3, and 4 showing what ports can I use and I was reading also about the bios has uefi mode which one has to change not very sure about going there some help would be great thank you.
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    To enable UEFI mode you will hit F2 upon starting up your dell, Then navigate to Boot > Boot settings > Boot mode Or Secure boot mode. One of those should allow you to enable UEFI (if it isnt already enabled). Then hit save changes and reset. If there isnt any kind of option for UEFI mode or changing the sata ports.
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