Which ram kit should i buy?


first of all thanks for taking your time, really appreciate you and this awesome community.

I want to buy a 16Gb ram kit as an upgrade from my older 6gb kit which will be used in my nas.
i found 2 different kits and i'm not sure which one to buy.

i want 16gb because i run triple monitors so i have a lot of programs open at the same time and i'm into pen testing on VM's as well. also game's these days really use up RAM these days and i like to keeps some tabs open to watch some vids while waiting. and while streaming i notice a lot ram usage but the bottleneck there is still my cpu due. keep in mind gaming is my number 1 priority.

the kits:

G.Skill F3-14900CL8Q-16GBZM 16GB (1600MHz, CL8, 4x 4GB) DDR3-RAM
Kingston HX318C10FK2/16 HyperX Fury 16GB (1866MHz, CL10, 2x 8GB) DDR3-RAM Kit blue

so which one is better for me?
keep in mind that the g.skill one is 20 euro's cheaper.
if don't like either one can your recommend another kit? keep in mind that it has to be blue to fin in with my system.

thanks for reading
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  1. I'd go with the Kingston HyperX fury. Because it has 2 sticks 8 gb each and has a little higher clock speed. The G.Skill are 4 sticks. So you won't have room left for an upgrade. (and i like the look from the Kingston RAM more :P)
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    The GSkill is far better performance wise - both are 1866 but the GSkill is CL8 vs the CL10 of the Furys..........big question is what do you want to put the DRAM with - mobo/CPU? The Furys are PnP based so not compatible with all mobos, they are also 8GB sticks, again many older mobos don't take 8GB sticks
  3. Buy the G.Skill RAM Kit, it has a lower CAS Latency so your computer will be able to access that RAM faster even though both of the RAM Kits are 1866MHz.

    Also, you might be able to run the RAM in Quad-Channel Configuration instead of Dual-Channel.

    And whats your motherboard?
  4. thanks for the fast reply's


    I don't think i need room too upgrade, with 16Gb i'l have ample for quite a while
    the furry's do look better but 4 sticks is badass as well xP

    @Tradesman1 and CreepyBobo346

    the G.skill one is 1600 mhz, is their a diffrence?
    i'm using a 4670K in a gigabyte z87x-d3h
  5. If you will be using the G.Skill for gaming it will make a very slight FPS different (Maybe like 4 FPS).
    In workstation stuff you might notice a different (Maybe like faster rendering).

    In my opinion that CPU and Motherboard would go great together.
    But make sure you have a good cooler for your CPU.
  6. @CreepyBobo346

    so you're saying the 1600mhz kit is faster then the 1866mhz kit?
  7. The GSkill set is mis-marked, the F3-14900CL8Q-16GBZM is an 1866 set of 4 sticks - the Ripjaws Z line of sticks and the 1866 CL8 is far better than 1600 CL9
  8. ah ok, that's weird

    i'l go with the G.SKILL kit then

    thanks for the advace
  9. Oh sorry I forgot to put labels, I meant that the 1866MHz RAM is faster in things other than gaming.
    As I typed, in games you will maybe notice a slight difference.
  10. wauw the G.skill one's price just upped by €40, really sucks for me
    gues i'l have to go with the hyperx fury then :(
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