Weird GPU problem causing serious performance issues... :c

Hi, i am kinda new to PC gaming and the whole PC world, tbh. I do, however, know a thing or two about different PC parts, their specifications, and how most components work now. I've always used since the SNES as a kid, and i've never really caught interest to PC Gaming until now.

So basically a few weeks ago i bought alot of different PC parts so i could build my first PC. And as i was done building the PC i had a boot up issue, but that was because i placed one of the components or wires (I am sorry if its called something else, as english is not my first language) in the wrong slot. Quickly fixed that, though. Anyways, onto my issue, as i turned on my PC and installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, i started installing Windows updates which took a long fucking time. I restarted my PC the final time, and began downloading a game on steam to test my PC, and i know what you are thinking. I should have installed the drivers first. I got terrible frame rates. I then realised i had to installed all drivers manually. I did that, and restarted my PC. Later on i tried to test out another game on steam, and i noticed alot of artifacts and TERRIBLE frame rates. i thought 'wtf, i just installed all drivers for my GPU, Mobo, ect. Why am i getting artifacts and terrible frame rates?' then 1 week later found out that turning off Graphics Overdrive in CCC fixed my artifacts completely, however i had gained only a slight frame rate increase, and i still experience ALOT of stuttering, frame rate drops all the times and now my GPU also got coil whine. fast forward to now, i fixed frame rates in a very few f2p games on steam. But even in games like Minecraft i get frame rates like 40fps on medium render distance and in 1.7.10 which is the best optimized Minecraft update. Also in MC i get frame drops to 5 fps for like one second and then it goes up again. Its like my GPU freezes completely sometimes for some reason. Even opening images in google, reddit, 4chan, ect. is kinda slow sometimes.

Please help me. I don't have the money to change my PSU or GPU right now... ;c

Current Specs of the computer i am currently operatiing:

-CPU: AMD FX-8320 Black Edition 8-Core Processor
(Currently clocked at its base clock of 3.5Ghz, is overclockable up to 5.0GHz)
-PSU: Corsair CX 600 (80+ Bronze Certified).
-GPU: AMD Radeon R9 280 OC
-Mobo: MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard (ATX, AM3+ Socket)
-RAM: (2x4) Kingston 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM
-Case: Zalman Z11 High Performance Gaming Case
-Memory: 120GB Kingston SSD, 1TB Seagate HDD
-Cooling: 7x Case fans, 1 Air cooling CPU fan.
-Sound: Built-in Audio Boost 2

If you could help me solve this issue i would be SO happy! Thanks!
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    It`s not just the graphics driver you have to install.
    You have to make sure after you have installed windows that you have also installed all the drivers that came with the motherboard via the cd or Dvd provided.

    The Msi 970 was not around when windows 7 was made as an Microsoft new os, so it is likely that if you never installed the drivers of the mobo from the cd or dvd windows may be having a problem with the new board or hardware till you do.

    Apart from installing the driver for the R9 280 oc card you have try a more new version of it by going to the amd website here.

    Click on the drivers and support tab on the webpage.

    Make sure that you check the temperatures of the graphics card when running and also the CPU FX-8320.
    If any of the Temps are high it means the cooler is not fitted right be it the 280 oc card or the cpu.
    Because if both have excessive heat the speed they run at is lowered by the motherboard to prevent overheating.
    So if you get the slowdown or stuttering in games it can be a sign something is running too hot and you see stutter as you are talking about in games after a few minuets of playing.
    Most of the time it can be down to a badly fitted cooler on the cpu.
    If the case it`s noted as soon as you launch a game ect, because your putting both under load, so the heat of each builds up quicker.

    If it runs ok when you are just sat in windows it points to overheating of the Cpu due to a wrongly fitted or badly fitted cpu cooler, these things you should check.
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