Can I use a 120mm fan as a rear exhaust fan?

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  1. I can not download a manual for it but just from the looks of the rear of the case, the extra holes would be for either a 90 or 92 mm fan and not a 120mm. Because I can not get any info on the case I am not sure which one will fit.
  2. Seeing that the case comes with an intake and exhaust fans and that the 80mm fan in the back the larger slot holes are indeed 90 or 92mm like bgunner said. You could attack a 120mm fan if you used an adapter like this.

    Not sure why you want to put a 120mm fan back there when there is already an 80mm except about fan noise.
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    Smudgy said:

    I don't doubt your measurements but the hole spacing is not enough for a 120 on the rear of that case so a 120 will not fit. IF you have the measurements of a 92mm and a 90mm then that could be a great help to the OP?
  4. 82.5 center to center on a 92mm fan
  5. Alright guys I suppose I'll stick with the included 80mm fan. Thanks for your help
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