have amd system for overclocking what would be best settings for 750 psu AMD A8-5600K Trinity 3.6GHz Quad-Core CPU |AMD Heat

please help using two large case fans with large heat pipe heat sink and horrible apu temps.
have cpu x41mutiplyer
bus speed 106.8
showing 99.9 max wats cpu core running between 1.104 to 1.300 volts
for totle of 4377.9 MHz temp is lot batter with out on board graghics but need apu at full force and oced built in gpu to 1000 mz to do game built in dvr anbd dvr. have 12 gigs ram 2 of witch is @ 1333 overclock to 1600 to 3rd 1600 ddr3
pc3- 12800h and 2 pc3-10700h. both are crucial but hard to match upneed to know how far temp wise can push have built in temp alarm at 60c can this processor take 70c
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  1. Overclocking is step by Step method, you can't go directly on some frequency and voltages. ...If you do that you will get unstable oc and it will produce a lot heart. First Download the AMD overdrive software. It will available on official AMD website to monitor your temps correctly. ..First Download thecpu stability testing software prime95 from here :
    Don't overclock by any software because overclocking is not the thing that can be done by software. First set the XMP memory profile (if exists) enabled to set your RAM correctly. Then Go in BIOS and find the CPU clock ratio, this is the multiplier setting. It starts at a multi of A (some no.)x 100(BCLK)(normal factory settings) to give you A Gigahertz. So up it .5 at a time and boot to os and test with P95 for stability and monitor your temps. Do this for approximately 20 minutes. If it passes raise the multi another .5 and try again. You'll get to a point where either P95 won't pass or your temp will gone so high. If the temps gone high you'll have to stop and work on cooling. If P95 fails then go to the Advanced voltage section in bios and add some volts to the CPU VCore . Stay in offset and just add a bit by tapping on the "+" key and test again.
    If your temp goes really high them you have to stop and keep it to cooling. A step will arrive when your P95 never pass or temp immediately go high. Them you have to stop overclocking and you get your extreme speed of your processor. ....
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