PC: No HDD light, no video display and won't turn off via power button

Around 3 weeks ago, I plugged my PC in at night and set everything up after having it disconnected for a few hours due to moving stuff around the house. I've always had a dodgy adapter, but it was working and lights on so I thought it was fine. I played a few games with my friends that night before deciding to turn it off. The next afternoon, I came home from school and turned my PC on, and everything lit up - yet the HDD light wasn't flashing. I wasn't phased at first but when I turned my monitor on - "no video display" was showing. The mouse and keyboard weren't lighting up either. So I went to turn it off via my power button on the front, but it wouldn't turn off. After 10 minutes of on and off pressing the button and holding it for even a minute, still no turn off. I decided to just use the back switch while I tried to fix it.

I opened it up and could see nothing wrong with it. I read a few posts on here about it being the CMOS battery, so I done the steps to resetting that (turning off power and unplugging it, taking it out etc..) and that didn't work. I took a few more posts into my quest to fix it, but none of them working.

So yesterday after weeks of trying to manually fix it, I took it to a local PC repair store I normally go to. The man said he'd look at it and within 30 minutes called me back claiming he fixed it and that it was all working and video display was on etc. I went over to collect and when I got there.. same errors as before - but this time the fans weren't lighting up. The man said he'd give me a call again if he fixes it next week - and then 30 minutes later again he called. He told me that it was working again, so off I went to the store. He had it all turned on, video display on the monitor, the mouse and keyboard were working. I paid him and he told me to bring it back if another error appears or if it doesn't say fixed. I was so happy before getting home and putting it in and discovering that the errors returned.

But to my surprises, I left it plugged in w/ power switch on, yet didn't turn the PC on and when I tried it one last time before going to bed, it was working! I tried turning it on and off a few times and checking for HDD light and display and all were working. I was so happy but it was late, so I went to bed and got up just an hour ago - extremely happy. I went to my PC and .. the errors returned. I'm gonna take it back to the guy tomorrow as he knows his shiz, but just wondering - is there anything I can do to fix this?
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    sounds like one or two error. first one is the power supply..the power good line to low or it missing a leg. see if the shop replaced the unit. the second issue can be a bad cap on the motherboard. you did not post your hardware info in the help topic. google your pc if it over a few years old see if your mb or if it a dell or hp if there been any recalls on class actions. few years ago a bunch of bad caps go into everything from tv to hard drives. nvidia a few years back had issues with some laptop and desktop gpu.
  2. Not sure about the physical psu, but after I changed it to a different one - it still didn't work. But I used the same power lead so maybe it's the lead? But interesting thing: I got it working again. I instantly tried a game to see if it was the GPU and a few minutes into Sniper Elite v2 - everything went black and no USB power and no HDD light. So I messed with the plugs again. Unplugging the power lead and plugging it back in several times before it worked again. I tried just clicking "Shut Down" on Windows 8, to see if it was maybe because I shut it down wrong last time. After shutting down, the screen display went off but the PC was still going. CPU fan spinning, lights still on, yet no HDD activity etc.

    I'm beginning to think maybe the lead fried my MOBO and caused it to be faulty?
  3. if the motherboard is glitched try clearing the cmos see if the shutdown error still there. also if there onboard video try pulling the gpu see if the rig runs right with onboard video.
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