New Gpu causes Blue screen

I just bought a new gpu gigabyte geforce gtx 760 and since then it causes blue screens! Can you tell me what information you will need to get it fixed? (sry for my bad english)
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  1. Can you post your PC specification?
    And do you use other GPU on your PC before you bought the new gtx760?
  2. Motherboard: Gigabyte F2A85X
    Ram: 8gb MHz
    Cpu: AMD A8 5600K quad-core processor
    Gpu: as i wrote before, gigabyte gtx 760
    Psu: 550W ATX psu
    If you need anything else ask me for it.
    I was using the gpu of the motherboard. (i can look into it and tell you which one it was, if its needed)
  3. What brand is the 550w PSU? because not all the 550w are equal.
    Do you use the DDU to uninstall the AMD GPU driver first, then install the NVidia GPU driver? If no, try it.
  4. Anyway did you photo ur blue screen? Cause im afraid the main problem is not in the graphic card. But at the exact same time you change your graphcard, your RAM is broken.

    Usually on the bottom of blue screen there is "Physical memory dump" if its a RAM problem.
  5. I ll write you down the code from the blue screen next time it happens (prolly today). I used a driver cleaner to remove the amd graphic card and then installed the NVidia and updated the drivers to the last possible. My psu is MS-TECH MS-N550-VAL-CM. The thing is, what i am afraid of, that when i bought the gpu gard, i had a fear of my psu not being enough for my gpu + rest. So i asked their technician from where i bought it and he reassured me, it would be fine. But still i knda think its not cause it reaches after some time the pc is on high temperatures like 50-55 oC. Mby it is a psu problem? How do i know i have enough power to support my new gpu? (thx for the help very very much. i ask so many questions just to be safe. mby i am afraid for no reason and is prolly a ram prob as 11sphere92 said but i just wanted to tell you so you can reassure me as well.)
  6. You just go to the windows event log for the error message. and the screenshot like

    I think the problem maybe from the PSU, because from one review, the MS-TECH MS-N550-VAL does not look good, but I don't know that one is the same one you had.

    You can try 1) Try the gtx760 in other pcie slot. 2) if you have other GPU, try it. 3) Try the gtx760 in other PC. 4) Make sure you disable the onboard iGPU too.

    Try test the RAM too, good point, but the chance is little bit low for the RAM was dead at the same time when you use the new GPU.
  7. Ok , i ll try it after work and ill will post right back. I dont know if its the same psu. i ll send you a picture with the box of the psu!
  8. Sry for my delayed answer. Had some obligations to attend! I dont have any other gpu to try on and i cant afford another gpu to try out. I think this is the psu Here is the psu from their official site: . So i was just about to try it on the other pci-e slot but the pc hasnt blue screened since then. So i am waiting for the next time it happens to try it out. Mby a windows update fixxed things :D ! I removed the iGPU with DDU program. Lastly, the RAM is fine. (If you want the results i can send you them as well.) Soooooo, i ll w8 for the blue screen to reappear and send you the details? What should i do? Is my pc on trouble? Is it fine, or will it like explode out of nowhere and for no apparent reason?
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    The PSU looks same, but you said the PC does not have the bsod since you used the gtx760 in other pcie slot. That means the gtx760 may have the issue with the 1st pcie slot.
    Next you may try to update the amd chipset driver after that try put back to the 1st slot to see the pc works fine w/o bsod or not, if the pc still get the bsod, then if you want try the BIOS update, but if you don't feel comfortable to do it, and just use the 2nd slot. Event it runs at x8, you will be fine because you will get the same performance, and the disadvantage is that you can't use two GPUs.

    Review: Impact of PCI-E Speed on Gaming Performance

    Because you don't have other GPU or PSU to try, how about your friend? Because if you don't have other GPU or PSU to try you hard to know where the problem comes from. There are the possibilities like 1) GPU, MB, or PSU has problem, if the pc got bosd even you try to use 1st and 2nd pcie slot. 2) MB has problem, if the pc got bsod only the GPU in the 1st pcie slot.

    One more which model is the gtx760? oc version or regular one? If it is the factory OC, you may try use the msi afterburner to under clock or increase the voltage a little bit, and that will help.
    msi afterburner
  10. Dude srsly i cant stress out enough how much helpful these infos are :D thank you. I ll try i guess the 2nd pci-e slot. The gpu its factory-oc and my friend doesnt have a good pc, so i dont know if the gpu is compactible with his MB. I dont feel comfartable with the BIOS-update, i only know that much :p . So, to sum it up, i do the amd chipset driver update and if i get blue screened i use the msi afterburner and if it happens again, i do the thing where i change the slot and if that doesnt work, i ll try to find a pc to try the gpu on, right? Btw unbelievable perfect answer. I mean even tagged sites so i can understand what you mean and so you can support your points, like wow. Thanks, again!
  11. The background for the AMD chipset

    The PSU requirement for gtx760,5.html

    Troubleshooting a video card ( it is old but still useful)

    And if you learn and read more, then you will know how to solve the problem by yourself.
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