Keyboard and mouse don't work at startup

So pretty much I turned my computer on earlier and it was fine, I went into msconfig (something like that) to stop things like itunes and origin opening at the startup. After I did that it asked me to restart my computer, so I did and when it turned back on it got the blue screen of death at the start up and when it turned back on, it gave me the options between startup repair and start normally, but I couldn't choose an option because the keyboard and mouse never work at this point, so it automatically went into startup repair after the 20 or so seconds and it gave me the system restore option, but as the mouse and keyboard won't work I can't restore it or cancel it.. So it's pretty much stuck on this screen. I tried flipping the power switch and when it turned back on the same thing happened.

Also yeah it's windows 7 and a computer, not a laptop.
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  1. Vembutech said:

    How do I do that if they keyboard doesn't work....?
    Also, the keyboard is wired and connects via USB. I don't have any PS2 keyboards.
  2. Best answer
    your usb needs to be enabled before windows startup, you do that out of bios.
    this is one of them chicken or egg questions.
    unplug your pc, and pop out the motherboard battery, then pop it back in.
    That will reset your bios to default, and make your problem go away.
    Good luck
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