Looking to upgrade gaming PC ~400-500 USD budget.

Hey guys I recently bought an R9 280 to add to my system so I could play BF4 etc., but I'm getting low FPS when I feel like this card should be able to handle the game at at LEAST 60 FPS, even on low, I do achieve 60 FPS sometimes but most of the time it's around 30-50 even on the LOWEST settings. is my Dxdiag (not sure the best way to list my PC) and also a screenshot of Belarc Advisor: and also another here:

I'm assuming my APU is bottlenecking my GPU? So I assume I'll need a new MOBO/CPU that would work better with gaming and my R9 280, any suggestions or possibly something I'm not thinking of that would cause my FPS to be low in most games even on low settings with this GPU would be greatly appreciated, I'm also looking to get a new Drive as mine is quite slow, thinking of a cheap / small SSD for my OS / some games. Budget is around 400-500 to make this PC play games with no issues! Thanks!
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  1. Before purchasing anything, are you sure you have the latest drivers for your gpu and latest firmware update from your motherboard? You rig should handle BF4 pretty well actually. Did you deactivate the integrated graphics in your BIOS?
  2. Did you disable integrated graphics in the bios?
    I think that is the problem.
  3. is my MOBO, not sure if I have the latest drivers, pretty sure I do for my card though. is my GPU does it say in my dxdiag what drivers I have? I've had issues trying to get certain drivers etc.
  4. Let me know if there is anything I can download / link to you guys to show my drivers for each part that you need so I can see if that is the issue? Though I think my APU is just bottlenecking my card.
  5. That can be a little ... complicated. the card would perform better on a faster cpu (intel). Think there is 50 intel cpus that are faster and only 12 AMD cpus that are faster.,3106-5.html

    Some benchmarks of BF4 by cpu and video card....

    Also matters if the game is more cpu bound than gpu bound. SSd can help shorten load times.
  6. himfour4 said:
    Let me know if there is anything I can download / link to you guys to show my drivers for each part that you need so I can see if that is the issue? Though I think my APU is just bottlenecking my card.

    Try to restart your computer and enter the BIOS by pressing the adequate key while loading (probably F or Delete).
    Once in BIOS, there should be something called integrated periphericals or integrated graphic s device in the advanced settings tabs.
    There you should be able to switch the Initiate graphic devices from Auto or ON to OFF.
    Save settings before leaving BIOS.
    Your computer will restart.
    Try to monitor your FPS again and tell us the results.

    I'm not an expert in AMD cpu's but A10 770k should be able to handle r9 280 well.
  7. It's set to auto but I have PEG instead of IGD checkmarked. Also is a SS of open hardware monitor running showing my CPU / Integrated / GPU while running BF4. It looks like both are going? I'm not sure.
  8. Here's an SS of me in-game with an FPS counter at the top right. As you can see I'm just standing still and nothing is going on really on my screen and i'm averaging 30 FPS...
  9. Also here's another SS while playing of hardware monitor, it's showing CPU loads around 80% while GPU loads are around 30%... isn't that bottlenecking pretty badly??
  10. BF4 -

    You need a better CPU to get full use of the 280. BF4 is hard on CPUs. Have you 2 x 4gb ram?
  11. Yes I have 2 x 4gb ram. I suppose the main question I originally had here is what would be the best CPU/MOBO for me to get for gaming and paired with my R9 280 with a budget of 500 USD, including a cheap / small SSD for OS/Some games.
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  13. Thanks, would that MOBO be compatible with ? It's the PSU I currently have.
  14. Yes. But its not a good quality PSU. The B2 version is better. See
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