Are my parts compatible with OSX yosemite (hackintosh)

im hoping to throw in a new drive and run osx yosemite on my current pc, im currently running windows 8.1 on what is essentially a gaming rig. My parts are: mobo- msi Z97I-gaming-AC (M-ITX board), CPU- i7-4770K (no overclock currently), GPU- Geforce gtx 780ti, RAM- 16GB corsair vengeance LP (1600 MHz dual channel), i was going to throw the os on mid sized ssd and use it for all my OSX stuff. I'm not sure if my parts are compatible, everything ive found says that my parts are most likely ok with a few bits of software or tweaks. if anyone knows and/or has a similar build running OSX yosemite, itd be really appreciated if i could get some kind of confirmation before spending a few hundred on the project. thanks for any help provided it is really appreciated
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  2. You should be OK - as long as you don't get kernel panics all the time :). Modded kexts for pretty much everything may be needed if you can't find a patched DST for your motherboard but it should work.
  3. thanks a ton, looks like im all good, looking forward to my first dual booting system, its much appreciated :)
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