Thermalright True Spirit 120M or Thermalright True Spirit 90M in Antec P193 and ASUS P6T SE


I have decided to got for Thermalright True Spirit. The cost here in UK between them is £43 and £20 for version 120 and 90 respectively. I am almost decided to buy Thermalright True Spirit 90 because (1) I would be afraid 120 would not fit in my Antec P-183 -- I cannot confirm id that's actually true and (2) it's cheaper.

My dilemma is how different they are in performance. Is it worth adding extra £20 for Thermalright TS 120 if it fits in the case.

What do you think?

My details:
System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Case: Antec P-183
Motherboard ASUS P6T SE
Processor i7 LGA1366 2.8 GHz (not sure if I will overclock processor)
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    Thermalright True Spirit 120 is 145 mm , so it will fit

    CPU cooler allowance in the Antec P193 is 155mm.
    Dimension: L132 mm x W57 mm x H145 mm < True Spirit is.
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