Can you crossfire and sli on the same board?

I have never done either so i always bought a board with a single card. I am now interested in doing it but I didnt want to get a sli board then see that AMD has a special on their gpu's and have to buy a crossfire board just to switch over to AMD/

The main thing is I want to use an Intel processor (4790k) so it will be an Intel board.
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  1. Some motherboards do allow both Crossfire or SLI. Just check the specs of the board to see that it supports both.

    -Wolf sends
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    Many boards support both. I have yet to see a Z97 board that supported SLI and didn't support Crossfire, but there are some that support Crossfire and do not support SLI. Here's a link to a good Z97 board that's on sale and supports Crossfire and SLI.
  3. Any Z97 board I have seen that did support one supported the other.

    Now there are plenty of crossfire boards that do no support Sli because SLI needs at least 8x and 8x while crossfire can run on 4x lanes.

    With that said though, you are better off getting the best single gpu you can afford then 2 medium end cards sli/crossfired together. In some games there might be a small gain with two medium end cards over 1 high end, but you will have more heat, more power usage, and more chance of unstability.
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