CPU vs GPU which is more important for gaming

I am trying to decide between:
AMD Quad core A8-6410 + AMD radeon R7 M260

AMD Quad core A10-4655M + AMD radeon HD 7620g

the first has a better graphics card by far accoring to notebookcheck, but the processor only has 2gb cache L2 and 256 kb L1.
The second one has a better processor, 4 gb cache L2, but a pretty bad graphics card.

Do I go with the better graphics card or better cpu for gaming (league of legends, world of warcraft on medium/low settings)
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    The graphics card is always the most important component in a gaming rig.....
  2. Super late but whatever, I just want to point out that upgrading a GPU is simpler than the CPU, it may sound pricey to spend $300-400 on a gpu but when you think about it, when upgrading a CPU, you are almost certainly upgrading the motherboard as well, there goes $250 for a good cpu + ~$100+ for a reliable mobo
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