MSI HD 7970 3GB AMD Radeon Graphics Card not working!

I'm having a lot of trouble with this GPU my buddy let me use. I used to have an old Nvidia GeForce 8800GT that kicked the bucket, so he gave me his MSI HD 7970 gpu along with a really weak backup ATI gpu. I changed my Mobo at the same time, and after re-installing windows I ran off the ATI gpu for a while before I decided to put in the better one.

Upon uninstalling the ATI driver, turning off and unplugging my pc and installing the new GPU and turning on my computer, my screen stays dark but the gpu's fan turns on and still gets warm and such. While trouble shooting, I plugged in a VGA cable into my mobo while the GPU was still plugged in and running, and sure enough my display worked fine on the integrated gpu.

It appears that no matter what I do my mobo doesn't detect my new gpu. When running a hardware monitor it doesn't come up either. I've uninstalled all previous drivers and installed the new ones, and nothing. I've tried both the hdmi and dvi slots, neither are working. I highly doubt that the gpu is sitting improperly, because I've put it in numerous times trying to get it to work and every time I try using the ATI gpu it works again.

mobo: gigabyte g41mt-s2pt (brand new)
gpu: MSI HD 79703GB AMD Radeon (used)
psu: 620W Seasonic (brand new)

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. are your connectors in the GPU?
  2. Coolboy951 said:
    are your connectors in the GPU?

  3. sssimon said:
    Coolboy951 said:
    are your connectors in the GPU?


    download and use DDU driver uninstaller and try to see if your system detects it
  4. I believe those cards have dual bios, which can be changed via a little switch found on the top of the card. It may be that one bios is not working due to a bad overclock setting or something. You could try switching to the second bios to see if it is detected. I'm guessing the card is not even being detected within Windows device manager?

    You next step would be to update the motherboard bios. There may be an update that is required for that card.
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