question about the power supply with my server/desktop pc.

Hello everyone, I am getting ready to put together my server desktop and I was wondering if i would need to worry about the psu. the system is going to be base on an hp xw 8600 work station using this motherboard

it will have two quad core xeon x5450 cpus with a tdp of 120 watts, 12 gigs of ram with 8 fb dims (4x 1gb sticks and 4 x2 gb sticks), an nvidia gtx 570 video card 1 dvd-rw drive, 2 hard drives(1 1tb and 1 650 gb) a sound blaster audigy pci sound card and 4 fans.

this is the psu for the system

should i have any concerns about the psu?

thanks in advances guys.
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  1. personally speaking I would choose a PSU from a more 'premium' vendor that's at least 80+bronze, especially since this is going to be a server build. The wattage is probably fine, I just question build quality and reliability.
  2. well from my research the mb will only work with the properietary psu. plus it does say 80 plus on the psu but i cant read if it says bronze, silver etc. I have heard delta electronics make good psus for servers from other other sources as well.
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    Appears to be an OEM type. It's made by Delta. Not bad, not great, but has enough power to do the job. Antec uses some PSU's made by Delta so that's a positive sign.
  4. so i shouldnt have to worry? thats good i didnt think so but i wanted to make sure. im pretty excited about this build. eventually im goin to upgrade the gpu but the gtx 570 is still a kick ass card so i may wait till the dx 12 cards comes out. and will windows 8 detect dual cpus? i know win 7 pro and and ultimate do.
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