Keep losing internet but computer says i'm still connected?

hey i have a problem where i loose internet on every device i have connected for a few minutes. This can happen every couple of minutes to every couple of hours and it's getting really annoying. when using my computer (wired) i will be watching a YouTube video or searching the internet when all of the sudden i lose connection, but it doesn't tell me that i have lost connection, the only things that tell me that are Steam (says no connection) and when i right click on the network icon in windows and click troubleshoot it tells me my broadband modem is experiencing issues. but the icon still shows i'm connected and when i go to my routers webpage ( it tells me i'm online. I have tried to bypass my router and plug my desktop directly into the modem but i still lose internet so i know it;s not the router. I called my isp and told them it has to be a problem with their modem but they told me that the modems either work or they don't, and that according to their logs i have been online with no interruptions for over 6 weeks. so now am out of ideas and really need some help to solve this problem. i will reply quickly if you have any questions, thanks in advance.

Update: I did the ping test and here are the results,
Ping statistics for (my ip):
Packets:sent = 100, recieved = 100, lost = 0 (0% loss)
Approximate round trip times in milli-secconds:
Minimum = 66ms, maximum = 926ms, average 444ms
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  1. First thing I want to note is that when a device shows it's connected it means it's connected to the router not necessarily that that router through the modem has Internet connection. Anyway, all evidence points toward either the modem as the problem or problems with the ISP themselves. The modem given by them is probably cheap and used anyway, sounds like a new one would be best. But best hear what others have to say also.
  2. you might be dropping packets. Do an extended ping test your your dns ip address (providing they are pingable). ping 123.456.789.012 -n 100 that will send=100. you should receive=100. avg = around 20ms. if rec is not 100, that's most likely a problem with your internet provider.
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