[URGENT] How can I find out if an External Harddrive has a virus more securely.

Okay, so I have an External Hard-Drive with VERY IMPORTANT WORK on it. And I need that work immediently. But. I'm scared it has a virus. The computer it was last used on didn't leave the USB port of the computer. Always plugged in. But that computer got infected with a RAT.

Since then I have not have the courage to,

1. Use that infected computer to rid the virus.

2. See if the External Hard-Drive has the virus.

I know it seems stupid and the only way to see if it has a virus is to plug it in, but is there a more secure way?

It's a Seagate 1TB hard-drive.

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  1. Plug it into a computer and boot with a antivirus program on a CD/DVD and scan the drive.
  2. Boot with an anti-virus?
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    Yes, there are companies that make a bootable CD/DVD with antivirus so you can scan a computer without the virus infecting the media.
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