How legit is the Tom's Hardware CPU hierarchy chart?

Hi all,

Just want to ask How legit is the Tom's Hardware CPU hierarchy chart, since my processor is an i5 2400 and it sits on the top tier which means upgrading my processor won't net me an noticeable performance gaming wise. Is that true?

Because there's a deal right now that let's me purchase an Intel Core i5 3570K (LGA 1155) + Gigabyte G1.Sniper M3 (Z77 MATX), but I want to buy a mechanical keyboard since my membrane keyboard is getting too mushy for my liking already. If the hierarchy chart holds I'm immediately buying that mechanical keyboard, but is it legit?

Also my GPU is an GTX970

Thanks all
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  1. Yeah just because it's new doesn't mean it's necessarily better. And thats with overclocking i believe. It's also based on plenty of other things then just raw performance.
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    I've always found it very legit. Yes, the i5-3570K will be a bit faster than the i5-2400, a bit more if the K processor is overclocked. But the point of the chart is to indicate that you won't really see any noticeable frame rate improvement in games. At that class of CPU it is mainly about the gfx card.
  3. Yeah cpu's don't have as much of an impact on games as you would think. Heck most games don't use more than two cores.
  4. Really? then its the mechanical keyboard for me then, but I rather have more opinions before jumping the gun
  5. Mechanical keyboards are easy to clean and have nice lights you can turn on to see buttons in the dark.
  6. I agree with the above. It is quite a kick in the fanny when you fork out on new processor and board to find minimal performance improvement when you spark the system up.

    I recommend Filco on the keyboard front. Top quality and they hold their second hand value. Stay away from the gimicky (Corsair cough) versions and dont be tempted to go red cherry mx either.... for customisation ideas etc.

    If you have to go cheap go cheap not mid range.
  7. What mechanical keyboard would you recommend then? one that lasts preferably, willing to shell out big bucks for quality
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