Onboard LAN works on Linux, does not work on Windows

I currently have an old Asus p5gc-mx/1333 motherboard in my basement that i use as a server for almost a year already. It was (and is) running Windows XP. I connected it to my router on the 2nd flood via a network cable the day I installaled it. Everything was working fine, until some day when it suddenly wasn't able to get an IP address. I thought the cable was defective, so i decieded not to mess around with it and do something else. About 5 months later I decided to give it a go, and see if i could do anything. I had a laptop running Windows XP too, so i tested the cable to see if it worked with the laptop. Yes, it did work, it got an IP in less than 5 seconds and evreything was going as planned. But still, the computer refused to acquire an address. I tried the following:
- Reinstall the network driver - no success
- Setting static IP's, correcly configured - no success (it connected but was not receiving packets at all)
- Booting another live Windows installation that has previously worked (Hiren's BootCD 15.2, the MiniXP) - no success
- Booting a linux envioriment (Parted Magic, from Hiren's BootCD) - succes! Got an IP, connected and speedtests report over 5 MB/s transfer speed. (not mbps, MB/s)
- Tested it again on the laptop - success
- Plugged in a network switch/hub, and connected the computer to that - no succes, but the switch/hub showed an active internet conenction.
- Resetting BIOS - no succes

I'm afraid of clearing the CMOS because the board had issues starting up beforehead due to the CMOS.
What could be wrong with it? Linux works, but windows refuses to! Not even on the live Windows, the one from Hiren. The LAN onboard does not seem to be broken, as I can easily connect under Linux. But what to do with Windows?
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    Strange, scan your win XP with your antivirus and with malwarebytes, its possible that a virus/trojan is messing up with your TCP/IP stack.
  2. Will try, but i don't think it would help because i haven't been on any other site than iTunes on that computer. I mostly used it as a server which i coded myself, so it would be real strange to get a virus, just like that, without going on any website. Though, it had one open port to which people connected, but who knows.
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