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Okay I have a quick question for you guys. Right now I am overclocking and benchmarking my 780SC and I ran into an issue.. I am using EVGA Precision for O.C. and Unigine Heaven for the benchmarking.

First, I had set my Power target to 102% then did my GPU Clock offset to +40 and +30 and gained about 3 overall FPS. However, after increasing the GPU Clock and Memory my score started to fall big time. In fact, with the 40&30 increase as mentioned above, my minimum FPS was 29.8. Changing the clock to +70 and memory to +50 brought my minimum fps to 4.2. That's running the exact same test and even same temps. Any help here?
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  1. That's probably a sign of you having hit the roof on your GPU's overclocking capacities, causing it to become unstable and therefore perform worse. You can confirm this by lowering the overclock and see if the performance climbs back up.
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    your card is throttling. move your power target higher. start but upping it 3% at a time.

    ditch precision and use msi afterburner.
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