Something seriously wrong with my water cooler?

I won a Cooler Master Nepton 140XL AiO cooler in a contest a while back; I recently installed it. I noticed that temperatures were actually higher than my Hyper 212+, with Prime95 reaching 65+ on three cores at stock, while the 212+ never went above 55. I tried reseating the cooler to no avail.

I tried overclocking my i7-3770k (my only processor) to 4.0 GHz through AsRockAXTU rather than the BIOS (if that matters) and it didn't seem to bother it. This morning I powered on my PC and all four cores are idling at 60 degrees Celsius! I think it's a problem with the water cooler. I turned the clock speed back to 3.5 GHz and the temperatures are STILL rising to 65 and counting. I really don't have any money to buy another water cooler at the moment. Is there anything I can do?
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  1. You're sure the pump is running?
  2. Yeah, I know it is.
  3. I actually undervolted the chip to .950VCore and I'm getting much better temperatures similar to those in my Hyper 212+. Woo!
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