I need some help on choosing a new keyboard.

I have been in need of a keyboard for quite some time and I would like some feedback on finding a good keyboard. I would like it to not have the number keys as I do not need them and it requires for me to reach farther for the mouse which does get uncomfortable at times. Also I sometimes collide my mouse against the keyboard which is very annoying. I would also like it to be backlit as it is difficult to find my WASD's in the dark. The keyboard does not have to be mechanical and the cheaper the better as I am somewhat short on money. I do not want a keyboard and mouse combo as the mouse I have is perfectly fine. Thank you for any and all feedback.
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  1. Here you go, i use one too its great for your money
  2. ExKiller said:
    Here you go, i use one too its great for your money

    Thanks for the quick response and that is a nice budget friendly keyboard, but it has the number pad I need one without the number pad.
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    Oh i get it now
    Here's the new one
    Btw what is the space u have for using a mouse and keyboards
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