Safe to use 2x molex to 6-pin for SLI MSI GTX 760 TF OC?


I've only gotten 2 PCI-E cables, which are being used for my GTX 760. But I ordered a new one,
and I want to SLI them, so I heard about this thing called molex. Is it safe to power one by the 2x molex to 6-pin and one by the PCI-E cables? My PSU is the Be Quiet! Power Zone 750W.

Thank you.
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    Use one molex and one PCIe for each card rather than two PCIe's to one and two molex adapters to the other.
  2. I didn't get how the molex thingy worked, so I decided to try it out. Connect one PCI-E and one molex to my gpu and works the same. Thanks very much!
  3. You're welcome.
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