New gaming build, problems with BIOS, HDD, and graphics card. NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!

So basically I bought the components to a new gaming computer, they all arrived and I began building it today. Once i had everything ready to run I ran into the following problems: 1 When I have my graphics card (which is a GTX 960, with a Corsair 430CX as my power supply) in, I dont get any BIOS or display from my computer and the
cards fans stop spinning shortly after. Although when I take the card out and boot the system I recieve a BIOS and it asks me to select a boot device, but only shows my CD/DVD Drive and not my HDD. When I select the CD/DVD drive it says that no bootable devices were selected and brings me back to the selection screen. My hard drive boots up and spins, and it is not a cable issue. Anyone have a clue as to whats going on?
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    Have you followed manuel when connecting everything onto motherboard? If everything is connected correctly you should be able to see HDD in BIOS. Why dont you take out the battery for 1 min and put it back, then try to boot. And I dont know why you cant see BIOS with your GPU, I would say PSU but then GTX 960 only needs 400W PSU to work fine. And also, the GTX 960's fans wont spine until they reach the certain temps.
    When you choose CD/DVD to boot, do you have a DVD inside it? You need to have Windows dvd to boot from it..Maybe start installation of windows with DVD and see if it will see the HDD there
  2. Everything is hooked up nicely, and I did try booting it with the windows disc, still nothing.
  3. When you boot the computer, does it indicate an error with a led light somewhere around the motherboard? It could narrow the problem down. Once when I had a problem with my ram, the computer didn't boot up and the DRAM led was on
  4. Could you give us some info on your current components. CPU, Motherboard, HDD (is it SSD?). If you can get into BIOS I doubt the RAM can be faulty. So it has to be something else. All the HDD SATA are retrocompatible so I would rule that out to even if the motherboard is old.

    I never tried a 960GTX so I dont know if it needs some tweaking in BIOs to be detected. You could unplug the power cable for the DVD to save a few Watts and see if its a PSU power shortage issue.
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