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Hello, I'm sure this question has already been asked somewhere but I can't seem to find it. I have a Dell Inspiron 660, not the mini tower, and I'm looking to get a new GPU. I already have a new PSU on the way that's 750w so power isn't going to be an issue. My question, what is the best graphics card I can get for my machine? My PC specs are:

Dell Inspiron 660
2TB Hard Drive
1TB Hard Drive
250GB Hard Drive (not entirely sure what brand they are)
Stock 300w PSU from dell
Nvidia GeForce 620 GT 1GB DDR3 (I think)
Windows 7 64-bit Professional
Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
Windows 10 technical preview (being tripe booted currently)

I really prefer nvidia cards :) any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
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  1. What is the model of psu you ordered? There is a lot of junk out there that claim more then they really make. I assume you have a core i5, correct? The 660 doesn't look like it can fit a full size graphics card, but that shouldn't be a problem. There are plenty of micro atx cards out there. The best you could fit would be a gtx 970. The 970 wrecks anything at 1080p so I am sure you will be satisfied. In case you don't want to spend that much, a gtx 960 would also suffice. Both are great cards that excel at 1080p gaming.

    gtx 970 micro atx:

    gtx 960 micro atx:
  2. It's a Rosewill photon 750 and yeah it's a i5-3330 my bad lol. I'm actually looking for something the delivers good performance at 1080p.
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    Thats a pretty nice power supply that should handle whatever you throw at it. It depends on how much you want to spend really..... The 960 will play 95% of games maxed out with 50+ fps at 1080p. Its pretty much the standard card for 1080p gaming. If you want to future proof your machine and just have extra money to throw at it, get the 970.
  4. Awesome! Last question. Are you sure these cards will fit my case? I ran into a problem where a graphics card was to long and wouldn't fit inside. Just wanna be sure :p
  5. The cards I listed are built specifically for machines like yours that have limited space. There is no way I can know for sure, but judging by the pictures of your machine and the fact that the cards are ment for small computers, they should fit.
  6. Awesome. Thanks for help :)
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