Windows 7 won't boot from SSD but instead from my HDD since a Blue Screen

I'm sorry if the title is not well written or if it doesn't make sense, english is not my native language.

So basically, I was playing KSP as always with a few mods (DarkMultiplayer and a few others) and when I was building a giant hamster ball my computer had a blue screen. I restarted and noticed it was taking longer than usual to boot, then I realized that it wasn't booting from my SDD but from my hard drive (which originally was my only storage device), at first I couldn't even see SDD at the "My PC" folder. I rebooted again, this it showed the SSD but still was booting from the hard drive.

Right now the available resolutions are only 4, just like it would be in Safe Mode.

I have my SSD separated, in one part there's games and normal files, the other one is the Windows installation. What should I do?

Specs in case they are needed:

Thank you so much in advance.
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    Enter the bios and if it see's the SSD set it to be the first boot device.
  2. popatim said:
    Enter the bios and if it see's the SSD set it to be the first boot device.

    Boot option #1 is WDC, the second is the HL-DT-ST and the third is Generic SD/MMC. Don't really know if any of this is the SSD.

    EDIT: Sorry, was looking in the wrong place, thank you so much.
  3. If you got it figured out and its works then fantastic ! Grats!
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