How to run dual display with MSI 7790 and AMD a6800 on Asus A88x Pro

I want to run dual displays with my card and my motherboard, the 2nd one being our big screen tv (tired of switching cables to watch movies). I have catalyst 14.2 installed, I do not see anything under the CCC to turn on the dual display and don't know how to start up the hdmi port on the motherboard. I live in a small middle of nowhere town so going out to buy a display port cord or anything requires a 6 hour drive to nearest electronic shop and ordering through mail half my stuff never makes it.
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    There should be a setting in your bios that will allow you to use integrated graphics even with a GPU installed. You may have to dig to find it. Once it is enabled, it should just be plug and play-no new drivers to install or settings to change.

    Of course, the easiest way to run two displays is to just plug both into your main GPU.
  2. Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the GPU (not the motherboard) and the other end to the TV.

    Press the Windows Key + P and choose Duplicate and this should mirror the image on the computer monitor to the TV.

    If you choose Extend, you can drag whatever you want to watch over to the TV while still being able to use your desktop for other tasks.
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