What does Memory Clock (effective) mean?

I got my GTX 750 TI,
its suppose to have the below
1020 MHz Base Clock (is it the same as Core clock)
1085 MHz Boost Clock (how can I test it?)
Memory 5400 MHz (effective)

what does effective mean?

also I ran a program to test the speeds of the GPU while gaming and got the below weird results:

GPU Core Clock [MHz] 1149.7 (Higher than advertised)
GPU Memory Clock [MHz] 1350.0 (lower than advertised)

your opinion?
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  1. Because the memory is 2 x bidirectional the actual speed 1350 is multiplied by 4 to get effective speed 5400.
  2. Best answer
    "1020 MHz Base Clock (is it the same as Core clock)"....Yes

    "1085 MHz Boost Clock (how can I test it?)"...........the clock will vary depending on load and temp, this speed is the top end reference speed the card should do without changing anything on a reference card.

    "Memory 5400 MHz (effective)"...........the GDDR5 clock is 1350MHz, GDDR5 is quad pumped (DDR3 is double pumped), so 1350 * 4 = 5400

    "GPU Core Clock [MHz] 1149.7 (Higher than advertised)" likely have a card that is factory over clocked

    "GPU Memory Clock [MHz] 1350.0 (lower than advertised)"..... the memory clock will adjust according to load just as the core clock does

    Hope this answers some of your questions :)
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