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i looking for a decent value build for a pc i could use both as workstation and gaming as well.
i already have almost complete amd build but should i sell it and buy intel and nvidia instead?

some specs on amd build:
R9 270x 4GB
Amd FX8350
8gb ram
2 ssd raid0

somone has any experince from both amd and intel that could recomend a good build for gaming/workstation? :)
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    intel processors are much stronger per core so will certainly offer better performance however given that you already have this system it does not make monetary sense to swap over unless you really need to. you will lose quite a bit of money trying to sell your current rig.

    if you did want to upgrade, i'd pick up and i5 ($210) and a h97 or z97 motherboard ($80-130) depending on if you want to oc or not. if you wanted a gpu upgrade the best price/performance card right now is the gtx970. if that is too much then the gtx960 is a good choice as well. if you have a beefy power supply and great airflow then the r9-290/r9-290x perform excellent for the price but run very hot and have low thermal thresholds compared to nvidia (so you need to keep them cool).

    i would not do a full sell/rebuild unless you wanted to start fresh with everything and had the money for it and wanted to step up in both cpu/gpu to the next level and had some questionable components like a PSU or cheap RAM that also were in need of upgrading. otherwise, it doesnt make monetary sense to do a full upgrade.

    so should you upgrade? your system will run cooler, and get better performance, especially in gaming and tasks which run faster on stronger cores over multicore (which is most things) but be prepared to pay the price to get it and lose out quite a bit of cash over the original price paid for your old components when you try to resell them on the market.

    figure roughly 15-20% loss in value every 6 months for used pc parts off the new price. now this value can change a bit depending on how in demand certain parts or systems are but is a good rough idea of what costs you are looking at when selling/buying used equipment.
  2. thanks for the answer :) is nvidia cards also stronger than amd cards?
    also i heard that amd tend to crash more often than intel/nivida on programs such as maya/zbrush and unity/unreal engine is this true? im just doing some game developing on my spare time so it would be nice to have a rig that doesent crash often and doesnt take shitlong amount of time to render :)
  3. nvidia drivers tend to be more stable for professional use. while this does not mean they are never without problems generally this is true. nvidia is typically suggested for professional applications like photoshop, cad and other such programs (not sure about game developing). while you can certainly use amd cards for many things (amd also makes professional series cards) nvidia is typically the go-to solution when using regular gaming cards for professional tasks.

    stronger? depends. cards like the gtx970 are really powerful though the slightly cheaper r9-290x is in close competition and in a few limited cases may exceed the performance. the 290x draws alot of power and runs as hot as an oven with a rather low thermal threshold. it also generally loses in most things to the gtx970 so the 970 would be much better overall. as for other price-ranges of cards it depends on the card and what individual prices are. amd cards typically do pack alot of value but run hot. nvidia normally costs more but runs cooler. to say which is stronger depends on the money you want to spend on a card.

    from the maya forums:
    nvidia cards are stable with maya and zbrush and always have been. amd cards tend to be less stable though a few users seem to have no issues. read more here . now quadro/firepro cards will do it best (professional cards) but a normal gaming card will work too if that fits your other needs better.

    gaming cards render games better (focus on speed over precision rendering without errors). professional cards render other things better (less time since they focus on precision so do not have to reprocess information). the drivers used are also somewhat different and focus on professional tasks to optimize them.
  4. thanks for answer ssddx :) this could be very helpfull to know.
    btw what are AMD`s proffessional series called?

    i have almost complete AMD build, Maybe i chould switch to intel/Nvidia for the benefits of the use of professional applications.

    sorry for some bad-English sometimes :P
  5. nvidia:quadro
    ati/amd: firepro

    if you already have an amd based system you may get along fine and it might not be worth upgrading due to cost unless you have issues but this is your choice. intel/nvidia is generally suggested though.
  6. okay will try to get my AMD Pc to startUP and see if i have any problems with any programs or not :)
    just ordered a diagnose-card to pc. because i think i might have faulty component.
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