Computer Shutting Off Randomly During High Graphically Intensive Game

Hello. So I messed up. I built a computer and now there's a problem. Every time a graphically intense program runs on my computer the computer shuts down completely. Most of the time this happens during Skyrim, which is painful because I need that game. So here I am asking for help.

I took it into a shop last summer and they suggested that perhaps the motherboard and the graphics card are butting heads, but they weren't sure. I've tried simply taking out the graphics card, but Skyrim won't play without it; this maybe because Steam has simply optimized the settings for playback with the gpu and didn't re-optimize without it when I took it out.

It used to be that it would take an hour or two to shut down, but now it's gotten down to an average like 5 minutes of play before the whole computer shuts off. My first thought was overheating, but I've run programs to track that and it doesn't seem like that's a problem. But at this point I'm really not sure about anything, and I'm open to any suggestions.

Here are appropriate specs:
Processor - AMD A10-6800K Richland 4.1GHz Socket FM2 100W Quad-core Desktop
Motherboard - ASUS F2A85-V FM2 AMD A85X (Hudson D4) HDMI DATA 6GB/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard with UEFI BIOS
RAM - Kingston HyperX 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM
Power Supply - Corsair CX Series CX750 750 W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC
Video Card - Asus GTX660-DC20-2GD5 GeForce 660 2GB 192-bit

It might be of note that the computer didn't start shutting off until I got the graphics card, but I also didn't play Skyrim until after so that may not be much help.

If there are any other specs you need I'd be happy to post them as well.

So yeah. Thoughts?
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  1. You should stop trying to run the games IMMEDIATELY. Since your computer is shutting off a lot when you are forcing to run games, you can endanger your PC and it's components by frying a bunch of things. For example if your power supply malfunctions, it can take more than itself with it.

    To be honest your motherboard and gpu seem fine. Although there is a possibility of something being wrong with either of them.

    It can also be likely that your Power supply is not working right.
  2. I need the CPU, GPU temps of bot idle and under load
  3. Bossyfins,

    I used SpeedFan to keep track of temperatures. The shop I went to before installed it and never took it off. This first shot is the computer when nothing much is going on (I had Chrome running). The second shot is while the game is on, but before it shut off.

    Shot 1:

    Shot 2:

    I noticed the Temp1 temperature climbing steadily while the game ran. At it's highest it hit 70C. After looking around, it looks like this is the point at which CPUs generally shut off to avoid damage. Is that correct?
  4. Download HWMonitor. I find it easier to read lol
  5. Bossyfins,

    It turns out that they installed that one too. Here ya go. Same applies for these (first is idle, second is load):

    Shot 1:

    Shot 2:
  6. Best answer
    Your APU SHOULD NOT go over 90c.. The fact your idle is 72c, means your cooler is not sufficent. Look into a new cooler. The 212, or the Cryorig H7 are GREAT options
  7. Well then it sounds like that's the answer to the problem. I'll get a hold of one of those and see how it goes. Thanks.
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