Blue screen ONLY upon watching youtube

Guys pls help me out i've been searching for answers and i even update my graphic card to the latest one. And i even disable the acceleration on flash player and use different browser. But nothing helps! This ONLY occurs randomly upon watching youtube. Other video seems fine like the ones in facebook.. Here is the Dump file or log needed.. Please check it out.. I really really hope someone could help me out. I've previously post a help here but fail to find it back..
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    second bugcheck was BugCheck 124, {0, fffffa800a146028, ba000000, 52000402}
    this was called by your CPU because of an internal CPU error on processor 3 cache bank 4
    Error Type : Micro-Architectural Error
    Error : Internal unclassified (Proc 3 Bank 4)

    system was up 30 mins before the crash
    CPU shutdown before BIOS info was collected in the crash dump so I can not see if the system was overclocked at the time.
    sounds like a overclocking type failure: (overheating, voltage fluctuation to the CPU, incorrect BIOS voltage setting for the system clock speed, ...)

    bug in your network driver:
    most likely your usb 2.0 device \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\rtwlanu.sys Sun Jul 01 19:53:37 2012
    Realtek RTLxxxxx Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter
    Used by different manufacturer's

    the usb wireless adapter is sold under a bunch of different names, you have to figure out what chipset it uses and google for a driver for that chipset.
    Or maybe go to windows control panel device manager and see if you can figure out the info for the wireless device.

    you also have a update for your ethernet driver on your motherboard:

    but the problem is most likely the old driver for your usb wireless device

    your wireless driver should be found some where on this site: (sorry, not sure where)
    Driver Update Site:
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