Windows 8.1 black screen(with mouse cursor) after system restore

This morning I turned off my laptop to let it download and install the windows updates, after that when I booted it was really slow with disk usage at 100% so I turned it off and on again, restarted it, seeing it made no huge difference I decided to restore it to 3 days ago (automatically set restore point) after restore it said that restore was not done because an anti-virus program was preventing system restore to open some files. I had malwarebytes(free), avast 2015(free) and that mcafee thing that comes when you download adobe flash player. Since malwarebytes was not on for 40+ days I only disabled avast(it disabled windows defender with itself) then clicked run restore again on the tab where the error message was. It did the same thing before and prepared the files and etc. for a good while then restarted the laptop. The Lenovo logo appeared along with it's circling points indicating its loading then after 10 seconds or so it dissapeared and left me with a black screen (with backlight) and the mouse cursor for the last 2 hours.

I have no idea what to do. Also I just couldn't figure how to turn off the damn laptop to reboot it again when I press the power button it just enters sleep mode and when I press it again it shows the black screen again upon waking. Ideas please? (I really want to keep my files. At least the documents.)

Note: I'm writing this from my phone so if there is any problem with the text it's because of that.

Update: I managed to turn it off but it's doing the same thing when turned on.
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    I had this on an Acer laptop, yesterday. None of the solutions I found worked. I finally F2'd on flash screen and got into boot, and changed the boot from UEFI to Legacy. All is fine now. I have no idea what I lost or gained, but the computer boots up again. This is a Windows 8.1 OS in a touchscreen equipped Acer Aspire E1-572 model. It appears as if something in the UEFI boot, or the boot manager is the problem. All installed hardware has correct and up to date drivers.
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