Custom Build installed Windows 7 Pro 64, then bought OEM disk product key question

I built a custom desktop with a 150 gb ssd. Installed windows 7 pro 64 bit via download iso I burned to dvd.
After the trial period ended for using windows 7, I bought an OEM system build Windows 7 pro 64 bit dvd from Newegg.

Can I insert the product key from the Newegg purchase to activate? Or do I need to wipe the SSD and do a clean install?

Many thanks!
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  1. You should be able to just enter the product key.
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    click the start button, right click on computer and go to properties. At the bottom of the window click on change key. Type in the new key that you bought and then register it.

    I do this all the time at work, Install a computer with a disc I already have. After a few weeks if everything is working fine ill order a new copy of the OS and put that key in for the computer. Haven't had an issue yet to this date, as long as you buy the same version as to what you install you will be fine.
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