Are my GPU and CPU temps ok?

My CPU idling runs ~60C (CPU i7- 4790) and my gpu idles 43~ (amd radeon r9 270). Lemme know if these temps are good.
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  1. Your idle CPU should be around 28- 32 C depending upon the room temperature.
  2. My room temperature is about 23C
  3. My CPU temp idles at 28 C at about that temp.
  4. So what should I do to decrease it?
  5. Nvm I looked at my temps in MSI afterburning instead of my other program I was using and its at 50C exactly
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    I would start bey reapplying the thermal grease to the CPU cooler.r. Be sure to give the heatsink a thorough cleaning before reinstalling it

    If you are using the stock cooler from your CPU, then you need to invest in a better cooler.
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