Dvd drive not detected by bios and device manager

Bios does not detect dvd drive on startup, only hdd..but sometimes comes on and is detected but does not work further in Windows, constant green light is seen on the dvd drive and does not respond to the button, tried replacing old psu with new corsair vs450 psu some minutes back, on startup it detected the drive for the first time, even opened but didn't work later in Windows but constant green light in Led of drive, Old psu also it used to detect rarely but later no working, suffering since 1 year, thought new psu would fix it but no results. I thought even my back USB slots would start working again but no results either.. Stuff I tried to do : all fix it's by Microsoft- they can't detect drive, tried all registry fixes but cant find upper filter etc n not working, tried connecting with different wires and slots, reset bios by removing battery as well as in bios settings. With old psu tried to make low power by removing one ram system fan hdd etc but still no results.. (might be noobness). Motherboard is hardly 2 years old, I don't know why the USB slots and dvd drive not working and I never overlooked anything , do I need a more better psu???? My specs are:
Intel celeron 450 @2.20 ghz(ordered core 2 duo will get soon)
Xfx Radeon HD 5450
8gb ram ddr3 1333mhz
Psu 450W corsair vs450
Motherboard g41m combo
Any help will be appreciated..
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    Seems to me like a broken DVD-Drive.
  2. Okay I'll try getting a new one thanks... But what do you think about the USB slots not working(behind ones) front ones are fine..
  3. Do you have a USB keyboard? Does it run in BIOS and fails in windows? What have you tested in the back USB slots?
  4. USB keyboard and USB mouse, I don't know how to check keyboard on bios but mouse red light is on during bios but does not function later(light off) in Windows (when connected to back slots) front slots work fine, as I know back slots only give power, I can connect my USB speakers which work perfectly but cant use pendrive or usb keyboard/mouse..
  5. Did you get the latest drivers from your MB support page?
  6. I've installed the latest drivers still back USB slots not detecting my usb mouse in windows :|
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