hello everyone i am going to build gaming need suggestion for choosing components

intel core i5 3570

intel original DH77EB Motherboard

4gb DDR3 RAM 1600MHz

1 tb hdd

dvd writer

sapphire r9 280x tri vapour x

does above components are good for gaming......??

so the question is that.......can i use Corsair VS 450w for above setup........??
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    Where do you live and what is your budget?
  2. i live in india,,,,,and my budget is 4k .....
  3. Ah, I guess that is the best you can do but the VS 450 is a low quality unit try to get something else
  4. can vs 450w hold up for continous gaming upto 6 hours on ultra settings......??or what would u recommend......??
    nyways....thanks for answering my question
  5. Really should shoot for 550w psu and another 4gb ram.
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