What gpu is good for me

Hello I am having some trouble deciding what gpu to upgrade to. Right now I have

I5 4440
8gb ram
Gtx 650ti
1tb hdd
Windows 8.1

I'm looking into the gtx 960 2gb. Right now I can get it under 200.
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  1. Whens next black friday sale?
  2. What games do you play, and at what resolution?
  3. I play bf4, dyling light, battlefield hardline, and gta 4 when it comes out. And some future games

    I'm willing to see what other cards are worth it
  4. I have i5 4440 with GTX 960
    I play AC UNITY, Hitman blood money, absolution, Assasiins creed 4
    At high setting 60fps stable
    But for unity i have to make a medium deal
  5. So you play all those with pretty good fps? No drops or lag?
  6. Tiebar90 said:
    So you play all those with pretty good fps? No drops or lag?

    Yes, but with exception of unity all due to shit optimisation!
    But overall, i am happy with it
  7. Hmm so maybe it would be a good pair.
  8. Tiebar90 said:
    Hmm so maybe it would be a good pair.

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    You might want to consider the R9 280X Toxic or Vapor-X, the R9 280 Dual X is also a solid choice. Both cards have extra VRAM, the 280x equals the GTX770 and the 280 the 960, and both are $229 and $169 after rebate, respectively.
  10. Do you have the links for those?
  11. The links are in blue, or are you talking about the benchmarks of the cards?
  12. Is there much of a difference between them or? Benchmark wise
  13. The 280x will perform 15-25%better than the 280 in gaming.
  14. And it should run okay with my i5 4440 3.1?
  15. Your 4440 should perfectly fine, no bottlenecking should occur except for the most cpu demanding games :)
  16. Sweet hopefully it doesn't happen on gta 5 :) thanks everyone!
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