bitlocker locked my OS win7 and can't type the recovery key

I was stupid to follow a site that instructs me to install something, then without knowing i was able to lock(Windows7 Bitlocker) my C drive where my win7 OS is. I am prompted with recovery key to enter it , but I cannot enter the alphabeth, only numbers can be entered. I am using HP laptop. Can someone help me please...
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  1. Did you use a USB drive to save your key at all?
  2. Plug in a usb keybd to enter your key then - otherwise it looks like you'll be doing a factory reset, if you even can.
  3. A BitLocker Recovery Key is 48 digits (0-9). If you see hexadecimal (0-9 and A-F), you are likely looking at the Recovery Key ID. Check and see if you saved it to SkyDrive ( or elsewhere.

    If you did not back it up, what you have now is called experience.

    Good Luck
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